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Hurrah awards - the competitive edge

Since 2008, HURRAH AWARDS has been the leading standard in accomplishment-oriented patch displays. Founded after recognizing the need to encourage achievement in a new and innovative way, HURRAH AWARDS allows coaches to symbolically and publicly reward the accomplishments of their players.

In the past, trophies were used as a symbol of accomplishment. While trophies are certainly a great means for celebrating achievement, our patches allow for more immediate recognition and celebration of individual strengths while also encouraging further development of new skills. Whether displayed on a uniform, backpack, hat, or gear bag, HURRAH AWARDS patches establish a spirit of solidarity amongst the members of your team and encourage positive competition in sports.

Patch Details

All patches are high quality fabric with iron-on backing. Size is approximately 1" (25mm) in diameter for most styles unless otherwise noted. They come in packages of 10 patches (all the same style) and most are attractively priced at $3.80 per package, with certain designs priced per patch.

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The thrill of competition, the rewards of success!